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Marko is tireless!


United Kingdom

Posted Feb 12, 2015

Our donkey Marko is a good soul. We got him as a young donkey and we mainly use him for ploughing or to transport medium-light loads around our little farm. Having him is a charm as he practically looks after himself – he would eat anything, from grass to leaves to dry twigs, as well as any scraps we hand him from the kitchen. It is a must to be careful for one’s fingers though! He would nibble on sleeves, but he would never try to bite unless we stick our hands near his muzzle.
Marko is sometimes temperamental, when he gets scared off or excited, but overall he is easy to lead around when used to move things and he rarely strays from the nearby pastures. We give him freedom to roam around and as a result he has become a tough donkey, he is strong and copes very well in any weather. He is usually energetic and does not tire easily. The only thing we have to plan with him is forage during the winter. He usually eats around 150 kg of concentrated fodder in total for the season, as well as about an armful or hay a day. But other than that, he is literally the easiest animal to tend for.

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