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I do not enjoy donkeys.


United Kingdom

Posted Jan 08, 2015

One summer I lived and worked on a farm that happened to have two donkeys, they didn't really have any job or purpose around the farm, except perhaps keeping the grass trimmed around the house, I think they were just kept there because the kids liked them.
Both donkeys were very hardy and managed to cope with the hot summers and extremely cold Finnish winters. They required very little maintenance except a quick daily brush to get the dust out of their fur and having the snow taken out of their hooves before they were put in the stable overnight. They also cost practically nothing to feed as they were to munch on whatever they could find and would eat practically any leftovers we gave them. Health wise I think the only problems they ever had were with mites that were easily treatable.
Saying that I really didn't like these animals, they were a hassle to handle and would usually run if you approached them (especially if they knew we were taking them inside for the night) often at this time they would run around the farm in circles and take ages to catch. They would also escape to the neighbours fields and eat his corn which resulted in some angry phone calls. They could be quite aggressive and on one occasion one bite me and left a nasty bruise, I was always worried they would kick someone.
Overall I thought they were more hassle than they were worth but if you want a donkey its up to you (I have no idea why anyone would want a donkey).

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