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Donkey's: A Girl's Best Friend?



Posted Dec 17, 2014

For years all that myself and my three sisters wanted in our home was a Donkey. Finally, one afternoon my father decided to give in (despite out mother's opinion) and we found ourselves learning all about the importance and beauty of owning such a particular pet. At first, Jenny was shy and wasn't convinced that people were there to help her. Eventually, she would answer to our calls and was happy to see us approaching her enclosure. At one point, Jenny thought it would be a good idea to bray loudly at 5:30am in an attempt to wake us up to spend time with her. She got lonely and needed a lot of attention. We fed her habit for awhile until a certain morning when no one gave in to her noisiness. She escaped her enclosure and attempted to come into our house, but eventually took off at a run up the street. We called her for 30 minutes but she kept running. Eventually, we got in the car and followed her until she stopped. We calmed her down and brought her back to her enclosure and she never tried to escape again.
While she was calm and docile and so cute to look at, she needed a lot more attention than we could provide.
If you are looking in to committing yourself to this type of pet, please make sure you have time to be near them for the greater part of your day or get them a second animal to be friends with so they don't get so lonely.
Also, make sure to have ample space for their enclosure so that they do not get bored.

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