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My Experience with Standard Donkeys


United States

Posted Aug 17, 2014

Here I will list the pros and cons from my experience with standard donkeys. Pros - He was very friendly! When the kids would go in the pasture to play with him, he never kicked or acted aggressive. He was in a pen with other animals - a horse, mini horse, goat, sheep, and sometimes dogs and birds. He seemed to get along with them just fine. We would also let him out from time to time, and although he stayed in the yard, we did have a problem getting him back into the fence. Cons - He was pretty loud! No matter where I was in the house, I could always hear him clear as day making noise. He required hay for bedding...I'm not sure if he ate it too or not, we had to put it in the pens for the horses, but I know he used it as bedding in the barn. Hay can be a pain because you need somewhere to keep it and you need to have enough to last all winter. I know you can't really teach donkeys tricks, but he really didn't listen to anything! Every time I opened the gate to the pasture, he would run over and press up against it, making it very difficult for me to open. Also, donkey's need ample room to run, so you must have a large enclosure and it needs to have a shelter to prevent it from the weather as well. Overall, I think donkey's are very mild tempered animals, but not necessarily the animal for me.

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