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United Kingdom

Posted Jun 07, 2014

Before I start I'll make it clear I have never owned Donkeys for any length of time but look after beach Donkeys over the winter, however I would happily own them personally. Donkeys are an unusual pet but very rewarding. They are hardy, strong animals and can live out in pretty much all conditions. That being said, they do require a small shelter if living out. Donkeys do not often require as much space as a horse but if they aren't to be exercised regularly then about an acre of land is recommended per animal for exercise and grazing. They have porous hooves, so if it is particularly wet or muddy then they need access to hard ground to stand on.
They can be used as companions for horses, can be ridden by small children or just as pets. If your Donkey isn't used for riding, taking them out for walks on a lead rein will provide exercise and entertainment. Donkeys are escape artists so good strong fencing is needed, they also eat everything so make sure anything you don't want nibbled on is put far away from them.
Donkeys are very sociable animals and often live in pairs. It is not recommended that you keep a Donkey on its own as it will become lonely and depressed. They are much happier with a companion, whether is be another Donkey or a pony. However, it is sometimes not recommended to house a Donkey with a Horse as the Donkey can become distressed if the Horse is taken out for a ride, as they form very strong bonds, so keep that in mind.
Donkeys will generally only need to graze, but if your field has bad grazing or little grass, then giving your Donkey access to hay will give them the nutrients they need. Always make sure they have access to fresh water and treat of carrots or Donkey treats will make your Donkey very happy.
Overall I would recommend these animals to anyone who has enough land to keep two. They are very friendly and sociable animals and will provide you with endless hours of love and friendship.

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