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Jack, The Kid Loving Donkey


Oklahoma, United States

Posted Mar 10, 2014

Donkeys can be better pets than for kids than dogs or cats. The right donkey can be loyal and gentle, as well as useful around the farm.

Take Jack for instance. Jack belongs to my father-in-law, and has for so long that no one can remember how old he is. Although he no longer gives rides, that used to be his main job...entertaining kids and grandkids by riding them around the farm for hours.

Now that he is too old for that, he instead follows them around like a dog, eager for the treats they bring. He likes to be scratched and groomed. If you ignore him, he will bray his displeasure to the world.

For kids that want the experience of riding, a donkey can be more suitable than a horse to begin with, since they are more docile, less excitable, more forgiving, and cheaper to feed.

They might not be as glamorous as a horse, but they are not as likely to throw a young rider, or bite on the sly. A well trained donkey isn't as likely to spook and break into an uncontrollable gallop either.

A standard size donkey, like Jack, might be trained to pull a cart too, and that an also be fun for children. This useful around the farm or yard too, making clean-up easier.

And lastly, like Jack, donkeys do a great job of protecting herds of animals such as sheep from predators and stray dogs. A good donkey can be versatile; pet, companion, guardian, riding animal, and pack animal, providing something fun and useful for everyone in the family.

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