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Victoria, Australia

Posted Jun 17, 2013

O.k, so here it goes, I never grew any great fondness for the donkey's we owned. I found them to be bad tempered, stubborn as, well...mules, and quiet frankly prone to dual personalities!!

But, I have a theory as to why.
Our farm was big, we had a good few acres, we usually ended up with a donkey been given to us from a neighbour or friend who wanted to move it on. My father was happy to take them, they were good grazers, and as he had a good few horses, they were great chaperones when placed in with them, they kept the horses in check.
As we had not raised them from foals, I think that they did not have sufficient socialising with humans, and missing this interaction, like many animals not handled enough, they were very difficult to tame as adults.
A friend of mine was given a young donkey and lavished attention on him, he was very docile as a result.

Their hooves used to grow surprisingly quickly, so you definitely need to keep an eye on this, get them clipped and filed regularly, if unchecked, it could cause great discomfort to the donkey.

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