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Who needs a horse, when you can have a donkey?


New York, United States

Posted Apr 17, 2013

My mother bought our donkey at an auction about 4-5 years ago, she was very tame and well mannered. I was reluctant about her because all I ever worked with were horses and ponies. Just like any "horse" they need to be worked with so they don't become untamed. She's easy because we work with her often, she's great with our horses, and goats too. We even bred her she gave birth to the MOST ADORABLE BABY DONKEY. The big ears alone are enough to win over anyones heart!

I highly recommend a donkey over a horse or pony if you're considering them. They are easier (and more durable) than either of them. They can carry a third of their weight compared to only a horse at 20%. Children can write them, you can use them for labor, or have them as an easy grazer to keep your pasture down.

Great, and easy animals! Highly recommend them. No cons really, people say they can "be stubborn" but like I said if you work with them regularly you will have no issues, just like a horse. They will become stubborn if you don't work with them on a regular basis. If you want them to look amazing all the time groom them! They grow a pretty big coat in the winter, so groom them after the season when they start to shed to get that beautiful gray coat back super fast!

Comparisons: Donkeys can live from 30 years to 40 years, compared to 20-30 years of a horse, so be aware of that. Forty years is a long time to own an animal! They are smarter, more easily trained, longer-lived and hardier than horses. A horse is more likely to spook and run away, while a donkey is more likely to assess the situation before reacting.

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