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Pedro the Church Donkey.


Texas, United States

Posted Mar 30, 2013

Pedro joined our farm when our pastor bought him and then brought him to us. Our pastor had originally owned Pedro and sold him when he relocated. Three years later he had the opportunity to re-buy Pedro, so he did. And he felt the perfect place for Pedro to live was with us.

Pedro was a true experience. Pedro was a master of escape and we went through seven latches until we finally were able to fix his stable gate so that he was unable to open it. He chewed through wire fences, managed to get his head stuck in between fence rails, broke into the garden and ate so many pumpkins he was ill and had to be taken to the vet. He also got his feet stuck in the cattle guard. Then there was the night he decided to climb our daughter’s date’s mustang car. Pedro stood on the roof and brayed at the moon. Try explaining to the insurance company that the donkey “wrecked” a car.

Pedro’s only saving grace was a terrific attitude toward humans and the willingness to take part in every church event our Pastor planned. That little donkey was in more church pageants and plays than you can shake a stick at. If it was at church he’d allow anyone to ride him without a bit of trouble, but at home he thought he was a bucking bronco. He’d even give the children at church donkey rides but only at church.

Pedro lived with us for five years until he moved to Arizona. I know that he’s probably in Arizona, preparing for a church program as I type. HA!

Would I recommend a donkey to other people? Yes! Go for it. Maybe you’ll get a Pedro and have something to laugh about for years to come.

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