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My Donkeys


United States

Posted Feb 16, 2013

Over the last 10 years I've ended up with 11 donkeys. I kept finding homes for them and more people kept showing up with more donkeys. I think over the last 10 years about 30 plus donkeys have been dropped off here. I now have 11 and they are more or less permanent residents here.

Two of them have paired off and they pretty much stay together all the time. Today it was snowing and they were out walking in it like they were enjoying the snow. A lot of people think donkeys are dumb but they are far from it. They are just stubborn.

When they want to do something they can do almost anything. I have two gates that I locked for a long time with just a loop of rope. I had to go to a small chain for each and a small padlock because one of their older donkeys started lifting the loop of rope and opening the gates on its own.

I have a husky and she loves to go get the donkeys but about half the time a couple of them will start going in circles trying to confuse the dog and she doesn't know what to do. However if she can catch them altogether she always brings them to the barn just like she is a sheep dog.

I think donkeys make great pets for someone living in the country with plenty of room for them to roam around. For some reason the donkeys and the ducks on my farm seem to like one another and you'll often find them together. I don't know why but they are almost always together.

I have one donkey named Jasper that does do some work around the farm. He gladly pulls a wagon and if he sees me go near the wagon he will go stand in front of it waiting for me to hook him up. If I'm not hooking him up and ignore him he will start braying like he is trying to remind me.

Most of the donkeys people drop off here are dropped off because the people who own it can't take care of it. Only once have we had a donkey dropped off because it would bite people. That one is still here though for some reason he no longer tries to bite anyone.

Nosy my barn cat loves the donkeys and she has even come to let me know one of them hasn't shown back up at the barn at night. She often sleeps in the bay part of the barn with them. I've often wondered if I would catch her riding one of them one day but so far that hasn't happened.

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