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Termite the miracle Donkey


Texas, United States

Posted Jul 24, 2012

Termite came to live with us last yr during the Texas Drought. He had the misfortune of being owned by a RAT of an owner, who decided it was too much trouble to care for their two horses and three donkeys. These animals were left in the August Texas heat for six days without water! Termite was one of the two lucky ones that survived. Termite was only four months old when he was found tangled in a barbwire fence with his head in a deer feeder of corn, thus he foundered. To add to the problems, he had been cut by the wire, bitten by dogs and was dehydrated and extremely thin and weak, his prognosis was terrible but his determination was outstanding. For two months he had to have help to stand up every time he laid down, but not once did he give up, so we didn't either. Termite made a full recovery and has been with us almost a yr now. This little guy was never halter broke but leads great, was never broke to ride, but kids can ride him, was never treated kind until he came to us, but loves everyone. He will forever be foundered and need special hoof care but it doesn't slow him down at all. When we took him in people thought we were crazy, said he was worthless and we would never get anything for him. They were wrong, he has great value to us and though he will not be for adoption or for sale his debt has been repaid ten fold, with love, trust and devotion. Whenever I feel down or sick or like I giving up, I look at that little donkey who had everything going against him, and I get going too.

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