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Posted Jan 04, 2014

I'll first start with Big Boy. We bought him from a co-workers step son back in the Spring. There were 8 total, but only 2 Dominiques. Both were male. Big Boy was very sweet when we first brought them home. Due to the poor construction of the coop we bought with the flock we decided to build our own. Once they were moved, Big Boy got huge. I am talking abnormally large. He grew very aggressive as well. He began ripping the hens cones during mating and bullied all of his coop mates. He went as far as not allowing some of them to eat. It was too much. He was aggressive toward humans as well.

Buck is a much different experience. Also a Dominique, he is a sweet boy. He likes my wife more than me and actually loves on her. He lets us know when he is happy with a neck roll and when he wants to be left alone he throws his wing down. For the most part, Buck is a pleasure to have around and he certainly takes care of the girls.

There are big issues I have with Dominiques. Although Buck is sweet most of the time, he can be aggressive. Big Boy was just a menace and was going to kill the rest of the flock. I would not allow my friend's 10 year old in the coop when we had Big Boy, fearing that he would hurt her. She has been around chickens her whole life, but I was not wanting to take that chance. Although the experience with each rooster was vastly different, I would not recommend this breed to anyone. I only chose experts because there was not a better option. The Dominique is certainly not for the amatuer and should certainly not be tended to by children until you know the temperament. I can't be certain if this is just their breed or if we got lucky, but they crow very early, sometimes starting at 1 am. No matter what we do to ensure they are in total darkness they never sleep past 2 am. That in itself can be very annoying.

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