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Posted Feb 20, 2014

A year or so ago I decided to keep chickens in the back yard of my urban home. After a little research online I decided to buy 4 Delaware chickens (they seemed to be pretty tolerant to the cold). We bought our chicks at a farmers market, and put them in a coop I had built the week prior. The coop is quite large, with plenty of space for the chickens to run around and forage. They settled in to their new digs quite nicely, and were even able to ignore our dog after a few days.

After a few months our hens started laying eggs...quite a few of them actually. I'd say we get 4-6 eggs a week from each hen. Not too bad considering there are only two of us eating them. Now, if you've never had a fresh egg you're in for a real treat. The taste is so much better than the eggs you buy at the grocery. There's nothing better than getting up in the morning and having an omelet made with fresh eggs right out of your backyard.

The chickens are a year old now, and I'm really glad we got them. They're super easy to take care of. Basically when we let the dog out in the morning we check for eggs, then check the food and water levels. Every couple of weeks we rake out all of the mulch, and poo, and replace it with fresh mulch. That's about it, the hens pretty much take care of themselves.

If you want a fun little hobby for you, or the kids, consider getting a few chicks (not just one though as she will be pretty lonely). You'll be rewarded with fresh eggs for breakfast and baking whenever you want them. As an added bonus, if you're a gardener, that used mulch makes great fertilizer.

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