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Good natured, but like an alarm clock with a snooze button


Victoria, Australia

Posted Aug 29, 2013

My Delaware hen actually turned out to be a rooster. First thing to check when purchasing one is to make sure it’s a hen if you want a hen. Particularly if you live in a suburban area; neighbours don’t tend to enjoy the “screaming” of a rooster whose “voice” hasn’t broken during its pre-dawn chorus at 5am, its dawn chorus at 6am, its reminder to get up at 6:45am, 7am and 7:45am, and its final reminder that the sun is up at 9am.

If you have never owned a rooster, but want one then there are a couple of things to be aware of. They do go through puberty. Which means their crow won’t sound like a crow for months. It begins with what can only be described as a blood curdling screaming sound, which progressively gets louder and longer as the rooster approaches maturity. If there are females around, they can become slightly territorial and where they may have been affectionate towards their owners before, that will go out the window once they reach maturity (at around six months of age).

Aside from that, their temperament is quite good, and they are relaxed around people if they are around them from a young age. They will even allow you to handle them in those circumstances too and are incredibly tolerant of children petting them.

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