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Mommy and the four piglets


727355, Romania

Posted Apr 04, 2014

The Danish Landrace Pig is a large breed raised primarily for the pork production, but, although it might not look, on first sight, they are very good mothers and very protective of their piglets. This breed grows quite fast and the meat is delicious, which is why it is a common breed all around the world.
I first came in contact with this breed when my mother decided to buy a female pig which belonged to a superior breed of pig from a professional breeder. After buying her, we named the little piglet Mary and raised her like a puppy, with my mother playing every day with her, petting her, talking to her and offering her only the best food. Soon, she grew to be a large female sow, but her manner never changes and she remained gentle as a puppy.
The relationship with my mother continued even during the time when she gave birth. Even though she was a large sow by then, she allowed my mother to massage her and help her get through. After she gave birth to 4 little piglets, she became protective of them, but never exhibited any signs of aggression towards my mother, allowing her to take the piglets, check on them, at any hour.
When they are small, the piglets in this breeds are very playful and demanding of food, but I suppose this is common to all piglets. The sow continued to be very caring and gentle towards its babies and still continued the relationship with my mother.
All in all, I consider this breed one of the top choices any farmer should make when choosing a specific breed of pig and, while the productivity is very good, the meat delicious and the pigs growing relatively fast, if you put a little effort in raising one, it might be hard to give it away.

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