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Boonie Chickens "Free Range"


United States

Posted Nov 07, 2015

A two year obligation turned into almost ten. When you say your relocating to Guam most people ask “where’s Guam,” or “why Guam??” I have a travel and adventure love that I don’t think will ever fade. A good part of a decade in Guam for an individual that loves to travel is a bit long. This is the setting where my review of chickens comes to play.
Range chickens in Guam are as common as “Boonie Dogs” (google it…:) Being single at the time and recognizing the high cost of food and living, I started looking at the free range chickens that roamed everywhere as a free source of food.

Free range chickens are easy to keep (in Guam). They have a routine and as long as the neighbors don’t kill them, they will keep coming back and reproducing. You could have quite a flock if you keep it maintained and keep the boonie dogs away from your property.

I would recommend free range chickens to anyone with only a few cautions. Catch the chicken alive. They are really easy to catch. Feed them nothing but high quality chicken feed for a week to clean them out of anything bad they may have eaten. You can catch chickens and pin them up so their time in quarantine can be staggered enough to keep your belly full.

Cons: Chickens are noisy. They make noise throughout the day and night. I thought they stopped after sunset but that is not the case. I’ve been woken up at two or three in the morning by crowing roosters.

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