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Cubalaya chickens are a neat addition but watch out for the roosters


United States

Posted Aug 13, 2014

When I was back home in the south we raised multiple different types of chickens. Although we primarily had a lot of Rhodies, we once got in a small brood of Cubalaya because they were supposedly fairly rare and hardy foragers. If you want a chicken that is really tolerant of hot southern summers and humid peaks then the Cubalaya is excellent. These birds would forage no matter what the temperature was and seemed to thrive in it.

If you are considering getting the roosters as well, just be aware that they are more aggressive than normal. Out of all the roosters we had, the Cubalaya were scrappers. I myself was attacked by them on multiple occasions. These guys carry themselves like strutting and tatted up prison leaders and if you upset them too much you WILL get flogged. Also they will attack rival roosters at whim.

We didn't keep them for but a a few years because of the difficulty they caused. Also, the hens laid small eggs that weren't conducive to our family size as well.

If you're looking for pretty roosters like the Golden Duckwing Cubalaya, like in the picture I provided, or enjoy an ornamental type brood, these may just be a good choice for you. Yet if you're searching for egg-layers and chickens that get along well with others, it may be best to look for another breed.

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