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The Naked Neck


727355, Romania

Posted Apr 04, 2014

The first time we've ever owned a naked neck chicken was when I fell in love with the peculiar look of this breed of chicken. Their naked necks looked so out of the ordinary, that I decided to acquire at least one chicken of this breed to keep it mostly for the aesthetic look, and not for productivity, as I knew little to none about the characteristics of this breed.

Compared to the other chicken breed that I owned at the time, the one month old naked neck we named Lulu grew very fast. I could easily tell that it was a breed created both for the meat and for the egg productivity. However, while the other chicken breeds stopped altogether or laid very few eggs during the winter, the Naked Neck chicken continued to lay eggs throughout even the coldest periods in winter. From this point of view, this breed is superior to the others.

As for the attitude towards humans, the naked neck was very gentle and very friendly with other breeds. It can be easily trained and has a high tolerance to heat. They are a healthy breed, as they do not require too much medicine in order to survive and they don't catch diseases as fast as other breeds might do.

All in all, the Cou-nu du forez is a great breed, highly recommended to farmers who want a breed of chickens which can provide both eggs and delicious meat, but also one that does not require too much money and time spent on their health.

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