Corriedale Sheep x Tunis Sheep Cross

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Tunis X Corriedale


Texas, United States

Posted Jan 24, 2013

I started out with 6 tunis x corriedale sheep. I bought them when they were babies and within a few months they doubled in size, fiber (wool) was thick and already to be shaved at 6 months. Normally you don't shave them until after they are 1. The best months are April and May to shave. After cold, rain and right before the heat really sets it. It will grow back in time for colder, snowy weather. If you wait to shave until July or August then they could get sunburn. That's just from experience. Not costly to keep if you have land. I provided land, hay, and a protein block. Certain sheep will have to have their copper intake watched. I think we spent more on cutting shears and shaving utensils than anything else. Because their wool was so thick we had to upgrade after one shaving. They can withstand heat and cold just fine especially with adequate shelter conditions. Do watch for blue tongue disease. Their face can swell, and when you touch it, it feels like a sponge. Lips and tongue may turn blue (given the name blue tongue) also watch for them walking strange or on their knees. I had a sheep start knee walking and salivating. When I opened her mouth I felt the spongy cheeks and saw a blue tongue. If the symptoms are bad, expect them to last maybe a week. They can get better though! I had one get better but it took a while. On a better note, they are funny to watch, raised with my children and other animals they learn to play and get along with them. Easy to shave and catch. I don't know about showing them. I know they can produce up to 4 kids. Usually 2 or 3 is common. Very meaty so perfect for dual purpose! The pic is of two ewes AnnaBella and Annette, and one buck named.. well... Bucky. : )

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