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Florida, United States

Posted Oct 17, 2011

The Cornish Rock hen or rooster has only one reason for being and that is to end up on your table. Everything about this bird screams "Eat me,please".

The coloring of the bird is white with a red comb. They have large breast and legs that if not raised right will give you problems. The generic coloring of white makes it difficult to tell one bird form the other thus forming a relationship is not likely.

The size of these birds is large with the males being larger then the females. They reach fryer size at eight weeks old depending of food that is fed and conditions.

I had these in the winter and found them to be very hearty. No heater was needed. In the summer they don't tend to like the heat so make sure you have plenty of water.

Health wise-they are pretty hearty for a meat chicken with non-of mine ever falling ill. They can have leg problems but feeding them a game bird feed or an unmedicated chicken feed with more feedings a day with less feed will help prevent the leg problems.

This bird can be mean! They will peck at you! It is almost like they know what their future will be. With an attitude like there you don't feel sorry for their fate. I am almost sure if you put a vegetarian in a small closet, covered him or her in feed they will come out wanting chicken on the menu!

This is not a bird for kids. Kids like their pets and these will make them afraid of chickens for one and two well some kids are not ready to know that "Sparky" will end up on the table.

Oh I hear the "That is horrible crowd" "Oh, lets save these poor birds." Before you get your signs up and dandruff up these birds will not live to ripe old age. They will have heart attacks and die. I know this first hand. I made the mistake with my first flock in letting them live too long. I started having chickens kill over and die. Heart attacks. Bodies too big for their hearts. The roosters died first-they are larger then the hens.Also unlike other breeds of chickens the roosters cost more to purchase .

Cost- is good especially if you free range your birds like I do. Some do not agree with this management practice in regards to this breed but I believe the sacrifice in growth rate is well worth it in taste of the meat and a happier though short lived bird.

Positives: Grows fast , short commitment, hearty birds overall, and easy to catch. Too big to run fast and not very good fliers.

Negatives: Don't expect eggs. These are not made for that job. Mean and difficult to work with. Not a chicken for kids unless you want them to raise a bird, fall in love and have the animal die before vacation or school starts. You have to buy a new batch every year unless you buy a cornish hen and a Rock Rooster and hatch your own. If not then look at raising them.

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