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Hawaii, United States

Posted Feb 01, 2016

Citysteading, as I’m calling it is my new hobby. I live in a major metropolitan area on a 1/4 acre. Our home is ranch style and has a very nice big back yard perfect for a mini homestead. I grew up on a mini farm, which I now know is called a homestead, hence the citystead label I’ve placed on my new world! ??I’ve acquired a group of laying hens from a neighbor, when I got them they were adolescents and hadn’t quite started laying. They’ve grown considerably and are happy with their roost. I’ve not ventured into getting a rooster yet. There are a few in the area but you’ve got to be on a waiting list to be approved for one. Pretty sure I’m far down that list. Back to the hens. They lay strictly white/ cream eggs. They are not good for eating, laying only.

If you're a gardener they’re great for keeping the insects at bay, just beware that they’ll get in and attack your crops. I’ve had to erect some structures on my raised beds to keep them out. There’s a front yard garden that sells food boxes about a mile away and recently someone’s birds wandered too far and attacked their new lettuce crop. I’m 90% sure they weren’t mine but these ladies like to wander so…

I would not recommend chickens to someone who’s not experienced. They need daily care and unless you live in an area that is tolerable to the mess and sounds then they aren’t good for you.

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