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Chickens Are Messy...


United States

Posted Jul 11, 2015

Around the same time as Crazy Old Uncle Rock decided to start raising pigs for meat, he also decided to raise chickens. Most of the animals on his farm were rabbits, but there was only so much rabbit you could eat before wanting a change. There was already a chicken coop built on the property, so it was sort of a no brainer. He got the chickens- tons of them, one annoying Rooster who thought he was the Cock of the House, and two geese. Not entirely sure why he got geese, but they're a different story. The chicken coop had a regular, Adult-Sized door, if you will, which was altogether not fascinating and led into the indoor portion of the chicken coop. What was fascinating to young children (myself, my brother and our cousins) was the Chicken-or-Child-Sized door leading out of the indoor portion and into the mesh wire pen that was otherwise impenetrable. We often tried to play with the chickens and chase them around the mesh covered pen that was conveniently unseeable from the windows of the house. When we got a little bigger the next summer it was a lot harder to fit inside, and by this time a whole year of chicken pooping and scratching had gone by and the place was a filthy grass-less mess inside and out. I remember my brother slipping in the mess one time, me trying to catch him and him pulling me down with him. After yet another shower with the hose and our Uncle realizing we had broken his cardinal rule again- Don't Mess with the Animals, we got whooped, sent to bed, and knew if we got caught again it would definitely definitely mean more trouble than it was worth. So at that point we moved on to gardener snakes for a while, since technically they weren't his pets (ahem... livestock). From what I remember though, the chickens laid quite a lot of eggs and both the eggs and themselves were very tasty!

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