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Posted Apr 25, 2015

My chickens which were broilers, 7 hens and 3 cocks, brooded from day-old till maturity. The chicks were beautiful and lovely when they first arrived. White smooth feathers, white skins and small beaks. As they grew older, they started developing red ear lobes, combs and wattles. Most of the hens laid good, brown shelled eggs. The hens were docile and tend to be broody while the cocks were somehow aggressive. Gained large body weight within a short period of time and produced large quantity of eggs.
These chickens were highly prolific, short generation interval, exhibited rapid growth rate and high stocking density. Domestic chickens like my broilers are easy to handle during management with unskilled labor being used. They have high feed conversion ratio and can be fed with waste.
Managing the birds were labor intensive, I have to be there to perform the routine management practices. Feeding cost was really high for me. Disease and pest attack was the major problem of keeping these chickens. Imagine what you've spent so much on in terms of money, time, energy and love, dying in your eye. My observation is that if proper vaccination is not done right from the day-old, such birds are highly susceptible to disease and pest attack.
One bad thing about chickens is if you haven't eaten, your chicken must eat or be ready to face the consequence which can be the end of your birds.
Also the neighborhood can get you sued if the chickens’ faeces are not well managed and disposed causing environmental pollution.
The environment must be conducive and favourable especially for the day-old chicks, they deserve the best.

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