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Tarbutt Township, Ontario, Canada

Posted Jul 13, 2010

I butchered the first bird at 7 weeks. The rest will be processed at 9 weeks and I will update this review then.
At 7 weeks, the hen weighed 6 pounds dressed. Live weight was likely 8 or 9 pounds.
The bird was very easy to pluck and clean. There was a fair bit of fat, enough that we trimmed some before cooking. The chicken went on a stand and onto the barbecue. The meat was succulent and had good firm texture. They soup made from the carcass was tremendous.
Now I understand the people who criticize this chicken for being an eating machine that does not do much else. But with a little coaxing I got them out into a run, eating bugs and plants. And I think if I got them out earlier next time - say at 4 weeks or so - they might be a little more active.
They would never replace a nice flock of barred rocks or Delawares in terms of entertainment value though. This is strictly a meat bird, and at that they excel.

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