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Very, very large chickens-- Cornish X Rocks


United States

Posted Oct 11, 2013

This review is for cornish X rocks-- a particular selective breeding of cornish rocks.

These chickens are bred to be large meat chickens-- they are intended to be slaughtered young, and very efficient for commercial or home meat production. I did not have a hen, and cannot speak to egg laying. Hatcheries claim that these chickens are ready for slaughter in four weeks for roosters and two weeks for hens at four pounds of meat. This runs true to my experience.

When I say large, a friend swore to me that this chicken was, in fact, a turkey. I attempted to keep the chicken as a pet (he was received in a mixed hatchery order, and I was not set up for slaughter, nor did I expect him) but his size eventually (within a little over a year) caused him such problems with his legs (bowing) that he was put out to pasture rather than be in pain.
These chickens are great for their intended purpose-- to be used for meat. I would not purchase them for any other reason. They are not to be bred by inexperienced breeders, as their genetics are specific and delicate.
The breast width was about twice as large as a male plymouth rock of the same age.

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