Common Quail

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United States

Posted Nov 10, 2013

I really liked having our quail but we had to keep them in a cage becasue we didnt have a pen set up for them.

They are great egg layers, you will get at least one egg a day and sometimes I would get two from a few of them. The eggs are really tiny and you need a lot to do anything with them but they taste really good and are supposed to be much healthier for you.

I think they would be more fun to own if they can have an outside run, but with a run you have to cover it since they can kind of fly. Being naturally wild birds, they do require more upkeep and different living conditions than chickens. With chickens you can leave the top open if you build it high enough but these birds can get out. They also fit through the tiniest little whole if there is one in the pen. They are very smart too.

They aren't very good pets though. I don't know maybe if we would have tried to work with one or two to be relaxed it may have worked, but we had these birds in smaller wire cages, fed and watered them every day and they were still flighty. To me these are birds to look at, eat or get eggs from. Not really good for pets.

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