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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Posted Oct 30, 2013

Some friends and I were living together in a rather large home with a few acres of land attached. We decided to start raising our own livestock for meat, eggs and to sell.

One of the young men I lived with decided to purchase quail and we got quite a lovely surprise. About forty adorable, chirping surprises, actually.

When purchasing quail, make sure that you already have a heated area set up for them because they will still require incubation time until about four months old.

After this period you probably still want to keep the quail in an enclosed space, but making sure the space is very warm is not quite as important.

We noticed that the quail often created a sort of warming “pyramid” while they were young. They simply traded places throughout shifting during the night.

I highly suggest keeping quail in a very secure space with great ventilation and access to sunlight. We re-purposed our chicken tractor to create a home for the quail when they reached maturity and that worked fairly well.

Purchasing them at a very young age works well because it gets them more acclimated to being around you. We found that our quail got so used to us, they became very friendly. Or maybe they were just excited about the food!

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