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I love my Bantam


United States

Posted Feb 04, 2015

This review is for a Bantam version of the Cochin. I bought my little bantam from Tractor Supply last spring when I went to get my other chickens. I had no intention of getting this little gal but she was just so tiny and cute. Even as a chicken she was fluffy-footed and spunky. I actually purchased two but the smaller of the two died early on. I don't know if this is usual for bantams or for Cochins because I have only ever owned this one, but the bigger of the two (now named Pippin) ended up surviving and I have loved her ever since. Pippin is great in every way. She is spunky and even though she is smaller she doesn't mind standing up to the other hens. I absolutely lover her feathers and feet and I always look for her when I come home among my hens. She is actually quite social too and runs up to me and jumps in my lap when I'm feeding my hand. Like I said I have never owned a bantam or a Cochin before and so I don't know if this is typical for the breed or not, but that's just my experience with her. On top of this, she also lays the cutest little eggs. They are much smaller than my other chicken's but she does tend to lay every day. I have eaten them before as well and they make adorable little egg sandwiches. One thing that is annoying right now, however, is that she is broody for some reason. Right in the middle of winter. Again, I have no rooster so nothing will come of it either. But, that's a chicken for you. She is also not mean while she is broody and she will eat, she just gets puffy and hoards all the eggs. Overall, I love my little Pippin and she seems to love me too. In the future I will very much consider getting more Chochins because they are beautiful and seem to be good little egg layers. Pippin also seems to do well in winter with all that extra fluff which is a bonus for me because Maine winters can be harsh. Maybe next time I will buy full, standard size Cochins though because I want full sized eggs.

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