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Blue Cochins - chickens that wear bell bottoms!


Ontario, Canada

Posted Jan 22, 2015

I purchased this funny little chicken for fun when one of the more practical breeds I had originally ordered was not available. The breeder had a handful of Cochin day-olds for sale and so I took them home instead.

Cochins are famous for having feathers on their leg, which make them look like they are wearing bellbottoms. My birds were a soft blue-grey and, while not overly striking, were quite pretty and rather comical looking.

Cochins are very calm and can even make good pets. I did not try to tame mine, but they were quiet and gentle enough to pick up and pet nonetheless. This is a good thing because their fluffy feathers and fuzzy 'pants' make you want to hug them and squeeze them and name them George.

Not known for their egg laying, these birds grow quite large and should make for good eating if you don't want to simply enjoy their gentle nature and comical appearance as pets.

I never had the chance to do either with mine as they fell victim to a predator attack when they were less than four months old. No doubt their quiet and trusting nature contributed to their demise. I lost all of them in one night.

While I quite enjoyed these birds, I doubt that I will buy more anytime soon. My focus is egg laying, and I also need birds that can take care of themselves. Perhaps I'll get one or two for the aesthetic pleasure they bring, and to give visitors a chicken they can pet, but otherwise I don't have room for hens that are essentially just ornamental.

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