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Posted Aug 30, 2014

This review refers to the bantam rather than the full-sized Cochin.

The bantam Cochins look essentially identical to their larger, feather-footed cousins just on a much smaller scale. They’re an unbearably adorable ornamental breed that look like fluffy little teapots.

While they are smaller, bantam Cochins still lack any real flight potential and have the same relaxed demeanor as the larger version. They’re not particularly active birds. Jude spends her day wandering around and scratching as if she’s very busy. However, she does it at a much slower pace than my other ladies and also likes to spend a lot of time sitting and watching things.

Jude is rather feisty and doesn’t care for other chickens, but she was raised as a companion bird so I’m pretty sure she doesn’t think she’s a chicken. She is an indoor bird so most of her exposure is to people, who she adores.

If you’re looking for an indoor chicken, bantam Cochins are an ideal choice. They’re calm enough to be happy relaxing in a home and sitting on your lap. Jude also does well with other pets and isn’t even afraid of our large dogs.

Do, though, keep in mind that any indoor chickens want to do the same things as their outdoor counterparts. They scratch just as much and still take dust baths so they need to be provided with appropriate areas to do these activities and you need to be prepared to do a lot of dusting.

This breed can also be kept outside. They’re not as cold hardy as large Cochins, but are much more so than other bantam breeds. Because of their small size, they also don’t have large of coop or run requirements.

Jude lays lovely small, light pink eggs in the spring then goes into brood mode before forgetting about eggs altogether. The eggs are a great size for mixing with larger chicken eggs to get proper quantities in baking, but there is nothing productive about this breed.

Bantam Cochins are just as broody as the full-sized Cochins and could be used to hatch the eggs of other bantam breeds. They’re also a wonderful breed for showing, but should otherwise be kept just for fun.

Bantam Cochin are beautiful, cuddly birds that are a joy to interact with and make fantastic pet chickens.

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