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Posted Jan 03, 2014

I own several bantam cochins, my favorite being my main hen Mrs. Tuxedo (she is the puffiest of them all). Oddly enough I feel this breed ties for both livestock and pet value. Handled from birth with space to roam, cochins burst with friendly personalities and curiosity.

Originally purchased for their high quality egg value (which are smaller in comparison to other chickens - but the perfect size for children), my cochins seemed to have slowly shifted to more of pets that give me eggs each day. Their eggs are rich and are considered expensive in Asian countries.

I would recommend this breed to first time poultry keepers or anyone who has children that would like to teach them about poultry keeping. Easy to maintain, their size is much smaller than other poultry breeds. They are calm and relaxed and do not at any time show any pushy behavior towards humans or other poultry. I recommend not mixing them with larger poultry breeds for their passive nature might make them a target for more dominant chickens.

One of their greatest features is their puff ball appearance with feathers on their feet. The roosters are very beautiful with an almost 'silver phoenix' appearance with long saddle feathers and curled tails. They do well in cold temperatures because of their heavy feathered coat, but certainly prefer shade in the hot summer because of the same reason.
Cochins grow attached to their owners if kept well and looked after. Sometimes it almost seems as if they are talking to you with an adorable 'Bu~ Buuuuu ~~~' reply.

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