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Cochins make wonderful pets


Clarkson, Nebraska, United States

Posted May 21, 2013

Cochin Chickens are absolutely beautiful and very friendly. They make great farm pets for younger children as they are not aggressive like the larger breed chickens.

I used to raise the Cochins as show chickens and sell them to the local children for their 4H projects. I could never eat one of these as they were pets, but they would be the size of a cornish game hen. I would keep the Cochins seperated from the larger hens just because I wanted to keep the feathers in place and clean as the larger hens may pick on the smaller breed of chicken. At night I would put them in their own wire cages on the walls of the chicken coup and then take them down in the daytime.

Cochins do lay eggs which are tiny and some come in colors like green or blue and you also have white and brown. These are just neat little chickens that will follow you around and are very social with people. They are great for children 5 and older.

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