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Fancy Pants the Cochin Rooster


Ontario, Canada

Posted Mar 22, 2013

I have been fortunate to own several standard Cochins and several bantam Cochins over the years. These birds have a lovely temperament and make excellent pets for people of all ages. They have lots of beautiful feathers and I have found this really helps in keeping their legs warm in the winter.

The standard variety of Cochin can grow quite large and they are not the most agile of chickens. Fancy pants always slept on the lower rungs of the roost because it was difficult for him to jump up much higher. However, their attitude is better than that of many more aggressive breeds (for the standard size). If roosters are used to each other, it is possible to keep more than one in the same pen, but as with any rooster, you will have to watch to ensure there is no fighting or injuries.

The bantam variety tends to be a bit more flighty and aggressive, as is usually the case with bantam chickens. I owned a bantam Cochin rooster named Charlie for 3 years and he had quite a bit of attitude. He was one of my most precious and memorable chickens.

Fancy Pants (who was a standard size Cochin) was lovely. Right from the beginning he was friendly and calm with the sweetest personality. I brought him to our annual Fall Fair and all the noise and commotion didn't faze him one bit.
Children were able to pet him and enjoy getting to know him, and he sat there on my lap the whole time. I also took him for a tractor ride once. My dad has an old John Deere which is quite noisy and he sat with me in the wagon for the entire ride. He also enjoyed being blow dried after a bath. :)

I would sincerely recommend this breed to anyone, whether experienced or new to owning chickens. They are beautiful and friendly and easy to care for. They remain my favourite breed of chicken.


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