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Pick Pick & Cluck Cluck


California, United States

Posted Dec 07, 2010

My Mother has two Cinnamon Queens. Cluck Cluck is sort of the omega of our small flock. She's short and stubby with kinda large thighs. She is the easiest to catch and hold but only tolerates if for a short while before she jumps out of you arms. She is the least shy of the three and comes running over if she even suspects you have food. When we give the chickens treats she's first on the scene and quick to sneak in and steal from the other two. She's the smallest of the three and usually lays one medium, light brown egg every other day.

Pick Pick is the most well behaved of the flock. from what I've observed. She is the tallest and heaviest as well. She is shy but if you can chase her down she easily accepts being petted or held. She is not quick to approach us even when treats are involved. As a result, she usually gets less treats than the other two. She lays larger brown eggs than Cluck Cluck but usually with the same frequency. Like our California White, she took a break for a couple months while molting but she has recently begun to lay again.

Cinnamon Queens are decent layers and good at removing pests like snails from the yard. The two that we have are not easily spooked and so we can let them roam free range without worrying about them escaping. They're very curious but not too bright which leads to ours wandering into the front yard if the gate is left open, or int to house if the back door is left open. There have been a couple times when we've had to chase one of them back into the back yard. They're so funny.

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