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Virginia, United States

Posted May 27, 2013

These are my favorite turkey breed. As with most turkeys, they are fragile as young poults but they grow into very hardy birds. We have found our Chocolates to be heavy scrathcers, the will deude an area of grass in very little time if left in one place long enough. Unfortunately du to the high volume of predators in our area we are unable to let any of our birds truly free range. Chocolate hens are extremely vocal and very social with their owners. They will run to meet us at the gate as soon as they hear us. They also know the sound of our truck and all of our turkeys will begin to gobble. The Toms are very gentle with both humans and with their hens. They will do a mating dance which is hilarious to see. Our Toms have all reahed around 30-33 pounds at maturity and the hens go about 18 pounds. These birds do mature slower than commercial breeds but the flavor is vastly superior. They have a good feed to growth ratio but they do require alot of feed and plenty of fresh water. The hens are heavy layers; all of our girls lay an egg per day in season and they usually are our first to begin laying and the last to stop. Our hens will also set a clutch and get very very testy when we take the eggs. OUr birds have shown tolerance for our hot & humid sumers (up to 107 degrees in 2012) with proper shade and pleanty of fresh water. They also tolerate our cold winters (down to 10 degrees in 2011). WHile I would not suggest a turkey as a pet for any young child, they just get too big, with proper supervision and a child around 10 with a calm temperaent, this would be a good breed to use.

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