Chinese Goose

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Add some exotic to your geese flock.


Florida, United States

Posted Aug 24, 2014

Like African geese, these guys are popular due to the mound just above their beak. It sort of makes you think of a much smaller swan with different colors. They also have a slightly more nasally sounding ‘honk.’ These guys are used very often for adding a more exotic look to people’s poultry flocks. I have eaten a few eggs from this breed and they were pretty tasty, but they don't lay nearly as many eggs as chickens so there's not as much utility. I have heard of them being used for meat, especially overseas, however I think Embdens are used far more extensively for meat production here in the U.S.

I’ll have to say that my experience is that these geese aren’t all that bright. They’re very docile and friendly, but they’re sort of a A-B bird and I wouldn’t expect too much from them. They can be very clumsy as well at times such as running into things or getting stuck easily.

The only time I’ve ever seen aggression from this breed of geese is when they’re on their nests. I’ve never had them come at me during breeding season like some geese will either. While they can be a little dumb, they do make good warning sirens. They’ll emit their loud, nasally honk whenever something disturbs them or they see someone they’re not used to, it’s more noticeable compared to other breeds in my opinion.

I’d recommend these birds for someone that wants to add something new to their flock or homestead and would like to have these as pets. However, I don't think it has as much commercial value as Embdens.

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