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Posted Apr 28, 2014

Growing up, my great grandmother always had a ton of chickens and geese. I used to love to watch them all flap around and peck at the ground all of the time. Most of her geese were the sweetest little things. They would come over to you when you called and they would also eat out of your hand. However, the one Chinese Goose that she had (named Hercules, most likely because of the bump on the beak) was a real jerk! He never was ever kind to any of us and seemed to be the leader of the pack. I don't know a whole lot about geese, but I do know that he was a mean one.

That bird used to chase after us when we were younger (he lived forever, by the way) and he would attack our shoelaces if we had tennis shoes on. He constantly honked and waddled all over the place, especially close to the house, like he wanted us to come outside and see what was going on. I'm not saying that the other geese he traveled with didn't make noise, because they made plenty of it. However, they never caused any trouble like Hercules did. Maybe he just didn't have the best personality. That is the only Chinese Goose my family owned and he was rarely ever nice at all. I don't have a picture of him, but he looked just like the two geese in the picture I provided!

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