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Posted Feb 26, 2013

I've been keeping Chinese Geese now for about twenty years and to me they are the best variety of geese you can keep. They are a much larger bird than wild birds and the meat is excellent. They also produce great tasting eggs.

You'll find that Chinese Geese will produce more eggs than other types of geese. In a season a female will usually lay 60 - 70 eggs and they are great mothers. My female Chinese Geese usually raise every gosling they hatch.

I raise them primarily for their meat. I love to smoke them over apple wood and inject them with a tea marinade that gives you delicious meat and crisp skin that you'll love.

I have several lakes and ponds on my property so they have all the water they need and I feed them lots of cracked corn which they love. The only problem I have with them is they will raid your patch of greens. I now have a simple fence around my greens to keep the geese away. Once I have all the greens I want I take the fence down and the geese quickly finish them off.

If your going to keep geese I can highly recommend the Chinese Goose.

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