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Posted Mar 08, 2013

My experience at Swine Genetics International exposed me to several breeds of pigs. Admittedly if they made it there they were most typically something special, so keep in mind that I was working with the creme of the crop. Saying this I believe that you will find good individuals in most breeds if you look long enough. The definition of a good animal often lies within the match up of the individual with their given purpose. My experience is somewhat limited with Chester Whites so I can't speak for the breed as a whole, but I can talk about the boars that I did work with.

I worked with about 4 Chester White boars in my time at SGI. They were all quality animals, although there was one that I was not a particular fan, as he was the only one that hadn't came from one particular farm, and he was somewhat stiff on his rear end. The other 3 boars were exceptional. They had some longevity to them, where well muscled, and had some growth to them. They were very commercially oriented boars that had a good look and great structure to them. One of the boars, Mothermaker was very easy going boar and I was particularly fond of him.

I am sure they are gone now from SGI, but I would certainly recommend their type. As with any breed it is mostly about finding a breeder that produces the type that you like, geared for your purpose.

As an interesting side note, in tracing my family's genealogy, Daniel McPherson came to America from Scotland and after serving a term as an indentured servant purchased a farm and settled in Chester County, Pennsylvania where the breed was developed. I am not aware of any connection to the development of the breed, but it is likely that I had family in the area at the time of their development.

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