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The Cayuga


Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

Posted Nov 08, 2011

The Cayuga duck is a medium-sized duck with a moderately long, well-rounded body. Its back is long and broad with slight arching at the shoulders. The duck carries itself slightly elevated in the front. On drakes, the sex feathers are hard and well-curled. The Cayuga is an easy bird to keep because it rarely wanders from home and is very calm. It is not able to fly well because of its heavier body weight compared to smaller breeds of duck. It is very hardy and tolerates harsh winters well. It does require water to swim and bathe in to maintain optimum health.

Although a cayuga is difficult to clean and prepare, it has very high quality meat with an intense beefy flavour. The breast, while smaller than that of other more conventional duck breeds, produces a succulent deep red meat with a complex taste. The carcass can be difficult to clean because of the duck’s dark feathering. Some resolve this problem by skinning the ducks rather than plucking. Others maintain to say that if one waits until the late fall or early winter to dress them they will pick just as clean as a white bird. Cayugas generally lay approximately 150 eggs per year which can be used for general eating and baking purposes.

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