Cayuga Duck

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Posted Jun 29, 2015

I got this duck as a pet when my younger sister's school gave them away. They hatched and raised the ducks in their middle-school science class. This meant that the ducks were very social and friendly, making my Cayuga, Zoboomafoo, a fun pet to have. He loved to be held and swim in a plastic kiddie pool we set up for him. He did become less social over time, however. When he became full-grown, he was less inclined to be picked up, and he would fly to the roof of the house and sit up there. I think this is partially due to the lack of social interaction when compared to his time at the school.

My Cayuga had pretty markings and a shiny, black coat. In the sunlight, he appeared greenish-purple and sleek. I owned a second duck too, and they got along well. I didn't have any experience with him laying eggs, as both of my ducks were male. My Cayuga was generally a low-maintenance pet in the summer, but required an environment with heat lamps in the garage during the harsh winter.

I would recommend ducks to those who own a farm or land with a pond. They are fun but still feel like wild animals, and it's important they have a proper environment in which to live.

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