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Posted Jul 18, 2014

I got three adult ducks and kept them for a little less than two years, when a family friend was looking to find a new home for them. They were interesting animals to keep—they weren't particularly abundant egg layers, and even if they had been, duck eggs are an acquired taste, for most people. They're oilier and have a very different flavor than chicken eggs. Not my favorite, but not terrible.

Cayuga ducks are very attractive, with glossy black feathers that appear iridescent in the right light, with purply and greenish shades. Mine weren't at all aggressive, but they weren't overly friendly or interested in socializing with people. They were just as happy being left to themselves, but at least they didn't become agitated at all when I entered their enclosure for feeding or cleaning. And there was a good amount of cleaning. If you're thinking about getting ducks, keep in mind that they are very smelly. I don't say that lightly. I've had a lot of different animals, and I'm familiar with animal smells in and around my house. But the ducks nearly fowled their enclosure and their tub of water faster than I could clean it, and in summer months the pungent smell would almost become overwhelming. They had a large space, but even so they made a mess of it very quickly. Be prepared to spend a lot of time cleaning, and think very hard before putting the ducks' enclosure close to your house, because the smell WILL be strong.

If eggs are what you're interested in, I would recommend chickens over ducks. I eventually gave mine away to a friend who had a small pond in his yard, because, even though they were nice animals to have around, the smell and the work involved with them became more than it was worth for me, at the time.

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