Cayuga Duck

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Texas, United States

Posted Mar 23, 2010

For Years I have called these ducks Black Beauties Because they are truly The Most Beautiful Ducks I've ever worked with.They are easy to keep with just a kiddie wadeing pool and love being sprayed lightly with a hose they will stand chest out faceing the hose while you wet them down THEY GLIMMER BLUE,GREEN And PURPLE IN THE SUNLIGHT.they are quieter than many other breeds and will set their own eggs if left to the job.THE EGGS THEY LAY CAN BE PURE BLACK or white and any color in between,they have a nice stocky body and good weight.We Had ours in our poultry yard where we could sit under our large willow tree to read in the mornings and these ducks would gather round us on the ground,They really did not care to be touched or picked up but would tolerate it if we insisted ,they do like the closeness of humans though even if left to their own devices.ours were not constantly handled but were still very gentle,we really enjoyed their company under the big willow tree and miss them greatly as we do all our poultry since retireing last year.A Unique aspect of this breed besides the laying of black eggs is that as they get older the hens will slowly start turning white.A Quality that defines the breed as much as the egg color and one I hope Does not get lost in breeding programs.The Last Picture show below is a 15 year old hen you can see she has almost turned completely white at this age.when younger they start looking like Dalmations usually around 5 or 6 years old

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