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Posted Oct 14, 2009

My Cayuga's have been wonderful additions for the garden and the house.  They are great at eating slugs and snails, especially Abigail the female, and foraging throughout the yard.  Abigail proved to be a very bossy duck demanding toys and treats.  She trained her boyfriend, Liz, to stand on the edge of an inflatable pool and let the water out so she could dabble in the mud.  Abigail loved going for car rides and visiting all over the San Francisco Bay Area, though she did get car sick so it is best not to feed her slugs and snails right before a car ride.  She loved dressing up and had several outfits she enjoyed wearing.  Unfortunately, Abigail was a little too much of a piggy and ate a lot of metal and died of hardware disease.  So if you decide to get a duck be sure there is no metal where they can reach it, because ducks are extremely susceptible to hardware disease. 

Liz is drake that proved to be a little more laid back.  He was devoted to Abigail and would go running when she quacked.  He is also devoted to me, and is happiest sleeping on my chest or being on the arm of the couch next to me.  He has proven to have a fantastic sense of humor.  Having a sense of humor isn't commonly used to describe ducks, but Liz has proved to be quite a prankster and loves being the center of attention.  He sometimes goes to small parties with me wearing a diaper and is very calm around strange people.  He doesn't always enjoy snuggles, but he does put up with them.  He can be a little bitey especially if you are wearing shorts.  He likes to grab onto the back of your knee and hold on.  Ouch.  He bites out of love though.  Some how he figures he is just expressing his affection by biting the heck out of you.  He can also prove to be a little bitey if I am annoying him.  Liz has proven to be a wonderful pet, and I don't know what I would do without him.

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