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People call them 'Call ducks'


Posted Jun 20, 2016

This breed of duck is one of my favorites when it comes to the poultry. They are not suitable for the commercial breeding but are perfect as an 'ornament' to your farm, yard, and elsewhere.

These semi-wild ducks are very fast, and efficient insect eradication. However, if your farm is close to neighbors, I recommend that you breed the males because the hens are pretty noisy. If you want to breed Call ducks, you must provide them a pool of water since they adore water areas as well as most of the other ducks. One of the main problems related to these ducks is they can get away from you. For that reason, you need to clip them one wing, and they will not fly away.

Generally speaking, these wonderful small ducks have a high fertility, and are quite easy to breed. They are people friendly, amiable with other poultry, entertaining, and don't need much space. As for the disadvantages I found, the hens are loud, can fly off, they are hatching, and messy as well.

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