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Posted Jul 15, 2015

As my grandpa always raised ducks, chickens and many more farm animals, I always wanted a few of my own. When the spring of 2008 came around, it was time to get one. At first we thought, my grandpa has a lot, so we should get a lot. We started out with a dozen or so ducks. For the first bit it was great, but as the month went on, we realized that ducks are not as clean as animals like the pig, they are much, much worse. Ducks don't care where they use the washroom, they go wherever they want. This lead to a mess on the lawn. So instead of getting rid of all the ducks, we decided to just keep two, as we loved the look of them and felt they really added to the farm as there colours stood out among the rest of the animals.

In the end, two ducks was the perfect amount. Ducks are social animals and they love to mate. With saving one female and one male, they became almost attached at the hip and did everything together. As the next year rolled around the ducks laid their first eggs, but were not successful as that year we had a very harsh winter. So just as a side note, if you decide to get ducks and they have eggs, make sure you have a very warm place for the female to lay her eggs if your winters are known to be harsh.

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