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Howard the Duckling


United States

Posted Jun 19, 2015

When I was younger and growing up in the Midwest, my grandfather attended a farmer's market and while most parents/grandparents would bring home fresh fruit or vegetables, my grandfather brought me a yellow, fuzzy, baby duckling. It was absolutely adorable and my mother HATED it, which made me want to keep it even more. Howard was an awesome pet. I was living on a farm at the time, so Howard had plenty of room of waddle and play. He couldn't fly but he could run and it was so funny to watch. In the summer, I would lie out on a chair to tan and Howard would lick my toes until I sprayed him with a water bottle and then he'd fluff his feathers and run around. Howard didn't shed and taking care of him wasn't any more difficult than taking care of the rabbits I grew up around. The hardest part of caring for him was keeping him safe from other animals. At first, I kept Howard in my room in a small rabbit crate. As he got bigger, I moved him to the yard in a mesh-enclosed rabbit hutch but within a year he'd gotten so big that he needed more room and more care than I could give him so we found another local farmer that offered to take him in. Howard thrived on the farm with the other animals and the farmer's little kids. For awhile, I would visit him all the time but eventually we moved and I never saw Howard again. I heard he lived a good, full life. I think ducklings can make good pets as long as you have the time, attention and space for them to live and move around because they don't stay cute, little and fluffy for long.

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