Call Duck

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Call ducks are a gentle breed.


United States

Posted Jun 08, 2015

We absolutely love our call duck family. At first we were only supposed to get three ducklings, but the mother and father were available at the same time, so we took them all. Although the ducklings were only about a month old, the mother had already started laying eggs again. However, because we were keeping them in a pen on our porch, we think that she felt threatened and did not hatch them. Once we moved them to a more permanent enclosure with bushes and grass, she started laying again and is currently sitting on her eggs. She has about four active eggs, and she abandoned the other seven that were in the pen. The little ducklings are thriving in their new environment and are very friendly. They have learned to make noise when they want fresh grains and feed, or when their water is running low. These ducks do fly, so we have had to put a roof over their pen. We did not want the local predators to get to them. Our dog ( a yellow lab) really isn't good protection, but he doesn't bother the ducks either. They are beautiful birds and a real pleasure to watch as the forage for bugs and the grains we have scattered.

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