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United Kingdom

Posted Feb 16, 2015

I would like to say I adopted my two lovely ducks, but it would be more accurate to state they adopted me! I got them as little ducklings and they were my main cure for sore eyes – so cute and lovely! They looked so fragile I was constantly watching over them, but that wasn't a difficult task to achieve as they would waddle after me at any given chance, it took me some effort to not pick them up and cuddle them all the time. As they grew, they stayed lovely and beautiful, and ever so talkative. They seem to love company and especially the visits from children in the neighbourhood; hugs and cuddles are ample then. They fit well with the other animals on my little farm, surprisingly even my dog likes them, even though he sometimes goes overboard and scares them. They might be sweet, but they won’t hesitate to hiss if you intimidate them. I would recommend having them as a pet cause they are so easy to look after, or for breeding; they have fantastic mothering instincts. Just make sure you don’t tamper with their nest as they might abandon it, and having a dog-protector around them is a good idea as they can be easy prey!

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