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We have MINI Call ducks and they have babies every season.....


United States

Posted Jul 20, 2014

Our Mini Call Ducks are such a delight. Not only are they adorable but they are smart and social ducks. They sit with us by the pond right at our feet. The only time they disappear is when they are sitting on eggs. Mrs. C. sits and Mr. C plays decoy. But, she does come when called for food then right back to the nest. Things owners need to pay attention to are 1) don't move the nest, even if it seems like a dangerous place -- they will abandon it 2) do not put food next to the nest when the female is sitting -- you will attract other birds too close and she will panic, and 3) be careful about putting them someplace safe a night -- they are a small bird and prey for fisher cats, skunks and other night prowlers. We put our ducks in the barn -- safe quarters. Another drawback is they are so small a hawk can nab them. Make sure they are in a yard with lots of foliage to help them hide in the shadows. Our birds are lucky, they have a Toulouse goose to watch over them but we did lose a couple small females to hawks before we could get out of the house to protect them. Again, they are well worth having, so friendly and so fun to watch in the pond. Oh, did I mention the female tells me long tales at the end of the day -- probably about her adventures in the yard and the male stands by. We have only 3 left this season -- been a rough season with predators -- but she is sitting on eggs so we are hopeful that we will add a few more before the end of the season. I'll include pics of our babies from the past too

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